7 de jan de 2017

Apagar arquivo com nome muito extenso

Assuming you are on windows:
What I always do is use subst to create a driveletter asccociation with part of the path.
Then go to the new driveletter and navigate to the files that have long names. You should now be able to rename/delete/etc them. The reason this works is because the path itself is no longer containing >255 chars.

To create a subst folder

  1. Start a commandprompt (no admin privileges needed)
  2. Use cd to navigate to the folder you want to go (you can use tab to autocomplete names
  3. type subst j: . to create the driveletter association. (instead of the . you can also type the entire path)
  4. Now in explorer you have a new letter. Go to it and do whatever you need to do to the .cache files.
  5. Go back to your cmd window and type subst /d j: to remove the drive or alternatively, restart your pc.
EDIT: A trick I learned which can shorten this quite a bit. From the explorer window where you have trouble, click the addressbar so you can type in it, then type cmd and press Enter to start a command prompt at that location, then proceed at step 3. :)
EDIT2: Okay, this trick can be expanded even further. If you are in explorer at the right path, just type in subst j: . in the addressbar and press enter. A command window will pop up, execute the command and close again, and there you go, a new drive pops up in explorer.

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