20 de mai. de 2018

Create a Normal Map in 3DS max

  1. Create a Plane Standart Primitive: plane1
  2. Select the plane1 and Unwrap it

  3. Duplicate the Plane and make some modifications: plane2

  4. Put plane1 in the same position of plane2

  5. With plane1 selected,open Rendering->Render to Texture
    1. click on Pick to select the Plane that we will create the normal: plane2
    2. clck on Options

    3. In Options window, choose in Orientation Green: Up (to use in Unity)
    4. Click on Setup

    5. In Setup window, in Render tab, check Enable Global Supersampler

    6. Close setup window, Projection Options
    7. Back to Render to Texture window, choose Use Existing Channel
    8. Add texture element NormalsMap
    9. Choose "Bump" in Target Map Slot
    10. Choose the map resolution (1024x1024)

    11. plane1 now has an Projection Modifier

    12. Selecting Projection Modifier, we can see the Cage section, click in Reset and increase the Amount until the "cage" is surrounding the modification of plane2

    13. Render To Texture: click in Render

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