29 de set. de 2021

Using Ripped Spritesheets for Tests and Demos in Unity

At https://www.spriters-resource.com you can find several Spritesheets, but... you have to spend some sweat on it to get it useful for Unity.

  1. Download and install a Photoshop Script called "SpriteSheet Generator" here

  2. Take off the Background from the original Spritesheet with Photoshop - Select - Color range...

  3. Select and copy the first frame of the animation that you want to use, for example, Idle.

  4. Create a new File in Photoshop using the copied frame in memory.

  5. Copy one by one the frames from the original Spritesheet  (Idle animation) and paste it in the new File creating a new Layer.

  6. Change the Canvas size of the new file to fit the other frames (if needed)

  7. Make any needed adjustments in positions.

  8. Open the "Timeline" Window and Click on "Create Frame Animation" in the Timeline Window

  9. Choose "Make Frames From Layer" in Timeline Window

  10. Follow the "Usage" section in the link above to create the Spritesheet

  11. Crop the file in a way that the Unity will Slice it easily.

  12. Export as PNG

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